Nitro workshop

Learn how to build and deploy a backend using the fastest growing Node.js framework, NestJS.

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🏗 Practice

Hands-on workshop where you will build a real API step-by-step, with pro tips along the way.

☁️ Deploy

Starting from scratch, you will build an API covering most common use cases, up to its deployment in the cloud.

⚡ Scale

Coupling NestJS framework along with Azure Serverless platform, learn how to build apps that can scale to millions.

# What you will learn:

  1. How to scaffold an application using the NestJS CLI
  2. How to create a Rest API in NestJS
  3. How to deploy as a Serverless app on Azure
  4. How to create a simple database on Azure
  5. How to save and retrieve data using entities in NestJS
  6. How to upload and store images in the Cloud using NestJS and Azure